We hope you love your All+None garments and wear them and wear them and wear them until you come to a loving and mutual conscious uncoupling. But if you're not in love for any reason, send it back. We've enclosed a prepaid shipping label in your original order. Make sure the garment is in its original condition, and if possible, in its original packaging. Attach the return shipping label, and send it back. Once we've received and inspected the garment to ensure it's in its original condition, we'll begin processing your return or exchange.


We hope to soon have the capacity for a take-back program. In the meantime, we've included some suggestions below for your well-loved All+None pieces.

1. We hope you're so pleased with All+None, you want to tell the world. The best way to spread the word about us, and keep our clothes out of landfills, is by passing them along to your family and friends. 

2. Donate them to second-hand stores or charities. Best case, your garment gets a second life with someone else. Worst case, most second-hand stores and charities recycle garments that aren't sold or used. Double-check that is the case wherever you choose to donate.

3. Many large clothing retailers offer clothing recycling in exchange for money or other incentives. Here is a list of 14 retailers that do so. Another retailer not included on this list is For Days. When in doubt, you can always search 'Textile recycling near me'.

This list is in no way conclusive! We know our customers are an informed and conscientious bunch. If you have additional suggestions for what to do with used garments, please share them with us! We'll update this list accordingly.